Impact report 2020

Get to know the numbers of our impact.

The textile industry is known for its great environmental impact, and we work every day to change that. We believe it should be possible to live sustainably without compromising on the quality of our lifestyle. That’s why we’re constantly developing better alternatives to fit modern and eco-friendly living.


Sustainable innovation.
Bedding made better.

We believe innovation is the foundation for creating better alternatives and lead the way into a more sustainable world. That’s why we decided to make innovative bedding that stays fresher for longer.

Washing and drying are hard on our environment. Studies shows that up to 2/3 of the environmental footprint of a garment occurs during consumer use. We have given our bedding an innovative treatment that naturally reduce bacteria by 99%, which means that we can wash less and enjoy the feeling of newly washed bedding for longer. By washing less, we reduce our carbon footprint, save energy, minimize water waste and extend the life of the textiles. By using our bedding, you can without worries skip 1 to 2 washes.


Natural materials.
Natural quality.

Choosing the right materials are key in designing comfortable, durable and sustainable products. And we value natural materials. Our whole collection of bedding is made in GOTS certified organic cotton for a better and soft feeling. Using organic cotton means it’s grown without pesticides, which is better for the soil and farmers who handle the cotton.

We’re always looking for better and more sustainable materials to use. Even for the details of our products. To minimize plastic use, we have chosen to use hemp for the buttons in our junior bedding. Just a small but important impact.

Waste of materials are a big issue in the textile industry. Often the manufacturing process requires leaving large amounts of textile residues that can’t be used for other products. At DAWN DESIGNS, we utilize all resources and recycle the textile residues from production to create a zero waste product. Textile leftovers from our production are used for ribbons and packaging to avoid the use of single use plastic and maintain a sustainable production.


We're on a mission.
Join us.

We’re fighting every day to provide better alternatives for modern living. Sustainability shouldn’t be an option. It should be the starting point. We’re constantly looking for areas where we can improve as a company, be more sustainable and more be more transparent. We have begun the journey, but we’ll never reach the goal. We can always do better. That’s why we have made a roadmap. To keep track of where we’re going and how well we’re fulfilling our promises.

Our roadmap will always be a work in progress and we’ll keep adding more promises. If you have any inputs, please reach out to us. We’re in this together.


Responsible production.
Made with care in Portugal.

In our seach for responsible suppliers that produce products of great quality, we were led to Guimarães in Portugal. A place with a proud history and high expertise in textiles. Here we have manufactured our collection of bedding ever since.

Having our supplier located in Portugal allows us to visit them often and maintain a close relationship. Besides preserving a close relationship, we secure that our suppliers meet the high standards of EU legislation on fair and ethical labor. By deliberately choosing to work with European partners, the short distances allow us to visit often and maintain a low carbon footprint during shipping of new collections.


Less waste.
Better packaging.

Overconsumption of packaging is a growing problem for the environment. Our goal is to minimize the use of unnecessary packaging, and thereby only choose materials that can be recycled.

At DAWN DESIGNS we utilize all resources from the production to create a zero waste product. Therefore, all our bedding sets come in a tote bag to protect the bedding and the intention for you to use it as you see fit afterwards. All tote bags are made from excess textile residues, which means that the packaging is made of the same durable quality as our bedding.

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