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We make quality products that’s made to last. Treat them well, and enjoy for decades.

General Info

Our bedding isn’t like the ordinary. It’s designed to stay fresher for longer and maintain the newly washed feeling by naturally reducing odor-causing bacteria. A functional piece of bedding made in GOTS certified organic cotton for comfort.

Quality Control

High quality has always been a priority for us in order to offer the best bedding on the market. In the process of designing our products all aspects are taken into consideration. Materials. Looks. Feeling. Functionality. Sustainability. Everything counts when designing products for better sleep.

To ensure the bedding meets our standards, the quality and durability, among other factors, are regularly tested in collaboration with VIA University Collage in Denmark. To document the Stay Fresh effect that’s applied to our bedding, the bedding is being tested at a lab in England. The bedding is only approved if the tests are showing that the bedding is antibacterial even after it has been washed a 100 times, which are the average lifetime of normal bedding.

Beside our own quality control, our bedding is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which means that our textiles have been thoroughly tested for substances that are harmful to health and the environment. The standard is more comprehensive than the legislation in Denmark and the EU, and it has therefore been a benchmark to ensure an ultimate control of the textiles.


From the start, we have been looking for partners who has an equality high standard for the quality of their craftsmanship as they have for ethical responsibility. Social responsibility is a key word for us, and it’s essential that our manufacturers share our values and can ensure good working conditions for their employees. In our search we were led to Portugal, where we started our bedding production in Guimarães. A place that for decades has built up high expertise in textiles.

We preserve a close relationship with our suppliers, and deliberately choose European manufactures for short transport distances and strict environmental requirements. It is important to us that we not only minimize our carbon footprint in the consumption phase, but also actively strive to minimize our carbon footprint in the production and shipping of our products.

Bedding Care

Our bedding is made to be washed less and stay fresher for longer by naturally reducing bacteria and odor. A functional quality that’s good for you and our environment.

Washing and drying are hard on our environment. To reduce the environmental impact, we recommend washing with moderation at low temperatures and air-drying.

Care recommendations

If necessary, our bedding can be washed at 60°C and use of dryer at low temperatures.

Bedding Quality

Getting the best quality has always been a matter of finding the most comfortable and durable textiles. All bedding is made in GOTS certified organic cotton with a percale weave. The weave is made of fine yarns with a dense weaving of 200 thread counts, which provides a high abrasion resistance with a soft and matte surface. The percale weave is also chosen on the basis of its cooling effect and ability to quickly conduct moisture away. The bedding is light and breathable with a soft and crisp feel.

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