Not just
ordinary bedding

Always fresh bedding

This bedding isn’t like the ordinary. It’s designed to stay fresher for longer and maintain the newly washed feeling by naturally reducing odor-causing bacteria. A functional piece of bedding made in GOTS certified organic cotton for comfort.

Sleep is the most essential element for us to function properly. Still, we downplay sleep in a hectic life. DAWN DESIGNS is based on the idea of ​​creating the best environment for good sleep. And who doesn’t love the feeling of newly washed bedding?

Wash less bedding

The Stay Fresh treatment applied to the bedding actively kills 99,9% of all bacteria. Bacteria that makes your bedding smell bad. By reducing odor-causing bacteria, you’re able to wash less and enjoy the feeling of fresh bedding for longer.

Based on experts’ recommendation to wash your bedding every 14 days, a study showed that 43% wash their bedding once a month or less frequently, while 14% wash their bedding once a week for the pleasure of fresh bedding. If you do not wash your bedding often enough, the bed has the optimal conditions for bacterial growth due to humidity and warm temperatures.

By using our bedding, you can without worries skip 1 to 2 washes.

Made to care bedding

We embrace everyone who wants to sleep in a healthy environment. But we can’t get around the fact that it leaves a big carbon footprint to wash your linens as often as the experts recommend. The fact is, that up to 2/3 of the environmental impact of a garment is created during consumer use. By washing less, we reduce our carbon footprint, save energy, minimize water waste and extend the life of the textiles.

By applying the Stay Fresh technology less washing is required, and without compromising the quality of your life, your lifestyle just got a little more sustainable.

Lets get technical

To obtain the Stay Fresh effect, the textiles has been given an extra treatment during the manufacturing process. The treatment contains of a small amount of natural silver salt. Silver salt is naturally found in the ocean and soil and is not water soluble, which means it’s not being washed out.

Silver naturally has antibacterial properties, and has been used for this purpose for centuries. Silver particles are attracted to bacteria, where it enters the bacteria and interfere with DNA replication, killing the bacteria. This leaves us with a fresher and better smelling sleeping environment.

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