Our Story

We design caring products, to fit modern and functional living, with a sustainable mindset.

About Us

Bedding was created with a simple purpose: to bring comfort and the functionality to easily clean our sleeping environment. Personally, we love the feeling of fresh bedding. However, in a chaotic life, we forget to take care of ourselves and the place we rest at night. Somehow we began to care less about the value of sleep itself and accepted status quo.

So, we founded DAWN DESIGNS.

We decided not to accept status quo and improve the quality of our sleeping environment. By combining comfort and functionality, we design caring products, to fit modern and functional living. Our bedding is created of sustainable materials that stay fresher for longer and keep the newly washed feeling by naturally reducing odor causing bacteria.

As much as we care for clean textiles, we know the industry can be dirty. That’s why we choose partners who share our beliefs in sustainable materials and ethical production. Being sustainable isn’t an option. It’s our starting point. That’s why we’re waking up in the morning. We believe is should be possible to live sustainable without compromising on the quality of our life. That’s why we decided to create bedding that minimize waste of resources and make it possible to sleep in a better and more comfortable environment.

Our Founders

DAWN DESIGNS was founded in 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark. The founding team consites of the two good friends, Thomas Kristensen and Adam Overgaard.

The idea for DAWN DESIGNS arose when we investigated how harmful unhygienic bedding can be for one’s health, where one finds bacteria, fungal spores, pollen and dust mites. We joined forces to challenge an outdated market and create a better alternative with a focus on good sleep and sustainability.

Founders motivation

“I’m often asked; Why bedding? There’s a lot that personally bring me joy from working with bedding, but the real reason is a bit of a cliché. The thing is, that we have the opportunity to improve 1/3 of people’s lives. I’m not saying that we can improve life by 1/3, but if we can improve the third of our life that we spend in our beds, by making the bed feel more comfortable and creating a healthy sleeping environment, then I feel like my mission is accomplished!”
— Thomas Kristensen

“For me it’s all about being able to create products with a functional purpose in a hectic life. Now a days everything is moving so fast and we have high expectations to ourselves and our lifestyle. Being able to create products that makes everyday life a little easier are what brings me joy. Besides creating meaningful products, sustainability is an important subject to me. I am extremely happy that there has been an increased focus on sustainability, and I think it’s great to be able to combine sustainable textiles with an easier everyday life and good sleep.”
— Adam Overgaard

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