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Enjoy the fresh feeling of newly washed bedding night after night. No more smelly sheets. No more Friday nights doing laundry.

Eco-friendly bedding

We care. The textile industry need a change and we intent to be that change. It’s our responsibility to create a better tomorrow.


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DAWN DESIGNS is a Danish textile company, founded to innovate a traditional industry and create an environmental friendly alternative with a strong focus on functional and sustainable living. We combine functionality with Scandinavian minimalism to make exclusive bedding in sustainable materials. Our bedding actively kills odor-causing bacteria and makes your bedding maintain the fresh feeling of newly washed bedding. This means you can wash less and sleep better. Sleep is fundamental for us to function properly, and together we’ll fight to ensure a good night’s sleep — every night.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: “Buy less, buy better“. The textile industry is known for its great environmental impact. By investing in better products with a circular life cycle, we’ll minimize our carbon footprint. Therefore, our starting point has always been durable qualities, timeless design, transparency and responsibility. We believe it should be possible to live sustainably without compromising on quality of our lifestyle. With our bedding, we minimize waste of resources and make it possible to sleep in a healthier environment.

14 days’ free trial period

To ensure that you’ll make the right choice, we offer free shipping on all orders over 400 DKK and free returns. We’re also so confident in the quality, comfort and feeling of our products, that we offer a 14 days’ free trial period. If our promises don’t fulfill your expectations, you can return the products at our expense.

Personal support

Keeping things personal is one of our building blocks. DAWN DESIGNS was founded by two good friends, Thomas Kristensen and Adam Overgaard, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a common goal: to change the perspective of traditional bedding and raise the standard of what one should be able to do. We are present in all processes. We love talking to people and we’re always ready for a good talk. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us.

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